Tin Metal Roofs With Multiple Color Options

tin metal roof

Do You Have a Tin Metal Roof on Your Home? Choose an Appropriate Color!

For centuries already, tin has been used as a roofing material by a lot of people because of its affordability and durability. Today, tin metal roofing is more popular among residential constructions and storage facilities that are situated at the countryside, where typhoons and hurricanes rarely visit. Because – truth be told – although tin metal roofs are reasonably durable and cheaper than other metal roofing materials, they are not too resilient to storms and strong winds.

Tin is said to be one of the earliest metallic elements used by the humans. It is very easy to handle because of its elasticity and its ability to turn into fluid once melted. Originally, tin was fluxed with copper to make another metallic element – bronze. But now, it is also used in making cans, jewelry and anti-corrosion coating for other metals.

Back in the 17th century, tin roofs were purely made of tin. However, things have changed since then. Nowadays, improved tin metal roofs are sturdier and more hard-wearing, being composed of steel-made tiles that are coated with tin. The steel makes the tile strong while the tin coating prevents corrosion and oxidation.

However, even this improved type of tin may still not be as resistant to rust as other metal roofing materials. To strengthen it even more, one may coat it with rust-resistant zinc.

Once the tin roof is covered with zinc, it is no longer just a tin roof; it is now a galvanized tin roof, being much stronger and resilient to harmful environmental factors. Galvanized tin roofing is resistant to corrosion and even insects. This also means that it doesn’t require laborious and costly yearly maintenance as other roofing systems. As a matter of fact, the cheapest tin roofs can even last for more than 25 years, which is twice the life span of an average asphalt shingle roof.

Corrugated Tin Roofing Materials

A corrugated tin roofing, on the other hand, is a type of roof that has a ridged pattern, which makes it more resilient to wind and extreme rain. This kind of roof is is appropriate for both residences and barns that are situated in areas prone to typhoons and hurricanes.

The cost. Tin roofing may perhaps be a little expensive (especially if you compare it with asphalt roofs), but as compared to other metal roofing materials, it is indeed more affordable. This is the main reason why a lot of people still prefer tin roofs despite their weaknesses. Furthermore, this could be the reason why a lot of barn owners who want to save money or do not have the financial capability to afford very expensive metal roofing materials prefer to install tin roofs instead.

Another great thing about this roof is that it is available in different amazing metal roofing colors. Because of these special paints and finishes, simple-looking houses and barns can now look extremely attractive.

Popular Tin Metal Roof Colors

There are different popular choices of tin roofing colors: from black, red, green, gray, bronze, patina and blue to Energy Star rated ‘cool’ colors. Metal Deck roofing is one brand we recommend.

The color of the tin roof should go well with the color and design of your structure, even if we talk about a barn or another type of storage facility. When choosing the best color for your barn’s roof, several questions may be addressed first:

  • Does the color of the roof match that of the shutters? Or do the shutters need to be painted as well?
  • Does the color of your porch go in harmony with the color of the roof?
  • How about your bricks? Do they go well with the color of your tin roof?

Barn tin roofing is deemed necessary by many farmers and households nowadays. Since barns are usually situated at countryside farms, they are more exposed to heat. Extreme heat can affect farm animals. Special tin roof coating may, nevertheless, be applied to control the amount of heat that penetrates the barn. This coating, which is included in some tin roof paints, has a special technology that keeps a house or a building cool inside. Once applied on the roof, it reflects light back to atmosphere and does not allow heat energy to get inside. And by applying cool-colored paints on tin roofing sheets, the roof can reflect more light back to the sky. This way, the animals may be sheltered in a cooler temperature that is suitable for their health and production.

If you are considering to paint your tin metal roofing, you should contact a professional service provider. Corrugated tin sliding materials are very delicate, and they should be handled with professional care only. In this way, tin roofs can be assured of longer life and extended durability.